About me

Welcome!  I have been hiking for nearly 20 years, mostly peaks in the Four Corners states of the U.S. (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah).  I have been taking pictures and writing trip reports along the way, and posting them on the Internet since 1994.  In effect, I was “blogging” several years before it had such a pithy name.  However, I got tired of maintaining my personal website and finally decided in August 2011 to bite the bullet and jump into formal blogging.

The term “peakbagging” just means that I focus my hiking on summiting, or “bagging”, mountain peaks.  In addition to blogging my current hikes, I am starting to work through my large backlog of hikes over the past several years and will post those as well, and maybe will post enhanced versions (i.e., more photos) of old reports from the good old days.  My goal is build up a repository of hundreds of hiking days chronicled here plus some how-to tips; it remains to be seen if this is really the right venue for this project. Although this blog will be dominated by hiking trips, I will occasionally sneak in something else that involves me taking pictures, such as the odd community event or nifty weather event or something like that.

To give some idea of my experience level (and not to brag), while I don’t do technical climbing or expedition mountaineering, I have climbed more than 1000 different peaks, hiked more than 6000 miles, and gained more than 1.8 million vertical feet in 1200+ hiking days.  And, man are my legs tired!

Comments and emails (my Gmail address matches my username here; all one word) are welcome, unauthorized copying of my reports and photos isn’t.


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