About the trip reports

Most of my “trip reports” are really more like a hybrid of a quick overview and a photo essay.  I used to write fairly long trip reports (sometimes 2000+ words) for the significant peaks I climbed more often back in the 1990s.  Now, I climb more than 100 new peaks per year, usually several in one day, and typically more modest peaks that don’t really justify long reports.  But, since I went digital and compact with my camera, it’s easier to take more photos.  Thus, I typically pick a handful of good photos and structure the story around those peaks or views.

I usually don’t give full route details on most of the peaks included in these reports.  Nowadays, most of my hikes are not covered in guidebooks (unless I end up writing one or three myself), and are best done by experienced hikers.  My blog isn’t a hiking guidebook and it’s necessary for you do some research on your own to do most of the hikes I describe here.  I have sometimes given driving instructions to help people who drive regular sedans, but I recently went over to the dark side with a small crossover SUV with all-wheel drive and high clearance (and 33 mpg on the highway).

As far as the “retro reports”, I felt the need to incorporate lots of older content into this blog without distracting from current up-to-date hiking trips, but taking advantage of the calender feature.  Thus, I’ve backdated my older trips to match the day on which the hike occurred, and often upload several of these “retro reports” at a time.

In any case, please ask if you still need more information about any of these hikes, either via email (“my user name here”@gmail.com) or by leaving a comment.


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