About the photography

Back in the day, I used Minolta manual focus (but with auto-exposure as a possibility) SLR equipment to take photos.  However, in 2005 I transitioned to more frequent easier hiking days rather than occasional big hiking days, and decided to go light and digital.  In my 15 years of SLR photography, I shot something like 2000 slides and negatives and in 6 years I shot 16,000+ digital photos with a decent Nikon point and shoot.  However, I started to miss some of the SLR features, so I compromised and bought a Canon PowerShot model that is a middle ground between a point and shoot and a DSLR.  Still (barely) fits in the hip pouch of my backpack, but much more feature-rich and better quality zoom optics. And, I’m still shooting more pix every year than I did in all my time with SLRs.


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