August 2013 in Colorado, Part II – Names and No Names

Farther north into Colorado, I did get somewhat better weather and had some storm-free mornings.
I wanted to pick up a cluster of relatively obscure peaks along US 24 south of Minturn, taking advantage of the better off-highway capabilities I now have.  This area is near Camp  Hale, home of the World War II 10th Mountain Division, and one of the memorial touring huts is up on Resolution Mountain.  It’s a long drive on a gravel road up to the hut, and then a short hike to the summit:Resolution Mountain

Looking across the valley to the east, one can see Mount of The Holy Cross rising above the rest of the northern Sawatch Range, but too late in the season for snow to be remaining in the namesake Cross Couloir.  Here is a wide view:Northern Sawatch Range

And, a close-up view looking over Resolution Mountain from next-door neighbor Ptarmigan Mountain:Mount of the Holy Cross over Resolution Mountain

Also just across the valley, the No Name Road climbs partway into these mountains, giving access to a suitably unnamed peak in the 11,000-foot range.  But, this was all in the trees and not very photogenic.  I also climbed a low peak just off the highway to complete the four peaks in the area I wanted to get.

By this time, the weather was starting to get unsettled, but I decided to take a chance and drive south to Leadville.  There’s lots of mining claims up there, accessed via county roads, and it turns out that one can drive a non-sedan up to 12,000 feet on Ball Mountain, so I picked that one up in a 13-minute hike surrounded by showers:Rain from Ball Mountain

More rain from Ball Mountain

Total hiking stats (August 6th, 2013): 5 peaks, 6.5 miles, 2770 vertical feet

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